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A unique panoramic view of Bordeaux

Enjoy a 360° view of Bordeaux...

Sleeping beauty at a glance

Right in the heart of Bordeaux, the Pey-Berland tower offers a unique panoramic view of the city. Climb the 233 steps to reach the two terraces at 40 and 50 metres. After the effort, the comfort : enjoy a 360° view of the cathedral and the capital of Gironde, with its tiled roofs, monuments, Garonne river and right bank hillsides.

From north to south and east to west, the entire Bordeaux region unfolds before your eyes. The wooded hillsides on the right bank announce the Entre-deux-Mers region (between the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, with its vineyards and its "lighthouse", La Sauve-Majeure abbey). In contrast, the plains stretch westwards to the Atlantic Ocean, with the Gironde estuary to the north (and its Cordouan lighthouse) and the Landes de Gascogne to the south.

Vue panoraminique de la cathédrale Saint-André et de Bordeaux

P. Muller - Centre des monuments nationaux

A low, sprawling city with the Garonne running through it, Bordeaux is best viewed from above, from the tower. After the panels on the bell tower on the ground floor, next to the bookshop-shop area, the panels on the 1st terrace provide historical and geographical landmarks to help you appreciate the city and the Gironde - before going on to discover their rich heritage and the diversity of their terroirs.

Photographie de la cathédrale Saint-André

P. Berthé - Centre des monuments nationaux

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